Voice SMS or Outbound Dialer (OBD) is a technology that automates bulk voice calls to mobile/telephone users and playing pre-recorded messages. Bulk Voice SMS or Outbound dialer system can dial out the required set of phone numbers and play the recorded prompts (messages).

Voice SMS platform from SMS has been conceptualized based on latest technology trends to handle Bulk Voice Call traffic for both inbound as well as outbound service models. The Bulk Voice Call platform provides state of the art functions required for Outbound Dialers with a modular and scalable architecture that can be customized to suit requirements of the enterprises. Many of the modern day marketers have chosen Voice Broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the large Indian audience in their regional language to create a personal touch. Moreover close to 90% of Indian population being non English speaking, marketers/enterprises chose Bulk Voice SMS or outbound dialer as a solution to reach them in their own language

This tool would enable enterprises to reach out to masses through voice and that too in their preferred language.A telephone messaging solution, a smart auto dialer for reaching thousands of people with personalized messages and response options you choose.The voice call system dials from numbers that you send to us and plays your recorded voice message. No person or agent is required to talk with the receiver of the automated call.

Bulk Voice Calls are pre-recorded voice messages to a mobile or land line networks across the country. Bulk Voice Calls are automated calls which involves automated dialing multiple numbers at once using high capacity servers, playing a pre-recorded message to automatically dialed mobile or land line numbers. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages. Bulk Voice Call Platform allows you to send the Voice Ads/ Pre-recorded voice message in known language to any mobile or landline networks across the Country. Bulk Voice Calls is a powerful tool for publicity of the products/pass the message. The major advantage of bulk voice call is, it provides access to many targeted people in relatively short period of time.

Bulk Voice Calls in India enables pre-recorded voice messages to be transmitted to several telephone numbers (mobile or landline) instantly with just a single click of the send button in a language familiar to the recipient. The Voice broadcast software enables this to take place and it has several benefits that individuals and corporations can implement for their own advantage. Bulk Voice Calls are pre-recorded voice messages that you can send to a mobile or landline number.bulk voice sms facilities allow businesses to enter their potential market by reaching the target audience directly on their communication devices. With our bulk voice SMS and bulk voice call service, you will able to communicate with your customers by calling their mobile phone or landline numbers anywhere in India.



Out-dial and Retry mechanism The system can make multiple outbound calls at a time. For voice calls that do not get completed as the user's phone is busy, not-reachable etc, retry mechanism is available

DNC list for each campaign

The entire DCN (Do Not Call) mobile number database will be filtered for each campaign

Get user response through Touch-tones

We provide you a facility integrate a user response via pressing various keys on mobile phone/telephone Example: Press 1 to book your tickets Press 2 to get a call back OR Press 3 if you are not interested

Call forwarding option

We provide you a facility to play an automated call (IVR) for an incoming call and on choosing a right option (Press 5 to talk to our Executive) and automatic call forwarding can be enabled

Integrate with third party

Integration with third-party systems like Websites, applications, ERP or CRM systems can be done on real-time using standard method like HTTP for outbound as well as inbound voice calls

Scheduling Bulk Voice campaigns

You can schedule your voice campaign on a predefined date and time. The called will be dialed out only at that time. Multiple messages can be scheduled with overlapping time/date ranges. These are handled independently of each other.

Voice calls charging only on successful calls connected

We will charge only those calls which are successfully connected to the end users. Complete report for the successful calls will be shared


We offers an extremely user-friendly interface for sending Bulk Voice Calls at affordable price. It will help you to grow your business. You can share latest information to customers, clients or with your friends or any other group. In any industry, Bulk Voice Calls can help reduce the labour cost and increase the work completion percentage in respect to the calls.

Bulk Voice Call Service is rarely used by Indian Companies, though it is a very important marketing tool. SMS Gateway Center offers prominent Bulk Voice Calling Services in India. Run your Voice Call Campaign and find good marketing leads.

We live in a world of Instant fantasy where everything is done immediately and instantly. Wondered how fast the world is moving ahead? It becomes important to place your brand right in the mind of your audiences. There are various ways to advertise and promote your businesses. Most popular ones are the SMS service, which is considered an effective marketing tool. Thought SMS services are considered the fastest of the lot, Bulk Voice Call service have gained momentum in the process of promoting businesses.

SMS Gateway Center is one such Bulk Voice Call Service provider which ensures maximum successful call delivery within minimum time. One can avail our services to send out any important announcements, alerts or reminder notifications, social campaigning messages, promoting business or marketing campaigns, latest offers and updates on products and services.

We assure you fastest and instant Bulk Voice Call delivery to many people at large. Our distinctive audio clip uploading and recording service with auto re-dialing of unsuccessful calls are some of the unique features of Bulk Voice Call Service.

Voice Calls have very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, ecommerce, politics etc. Size doesn't matter but quality does matter in these sectors as your information must reach everyone and quality should be high so no one miss the information. Automated Voice Calling solves telecommunication problems like bill reminders, notifications, alerts feedback & business promotions etc. Proactive dialing increase your telemarketing approach, voice communication improve your engagement with your clients.

Automate your confirmation calls and services instead of relying on a manual call center. Order confirmation, status update and tracking incur a huge amount of time, energy and cost make your system work efficiently in a cost-effective manner by auto generated calls without incurring any fixed investment

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