The School Management Software In Hyderabad & Vijayawada designed and developed as so to facilitate for small schools& colleges to that of multi-campus colleges.

Admin Module
  1. You can manage the admissions of students very easily and effortlessly without any paperwork.
  2. Student fee, Subject add& delete, Transport, Holidays and managing data from another year details also.
  3. Manage the complete details of the student and staff of the school using a centralized system.
  4. Allocate roll no. to students of all the class with one click
  5. Generate ID – Card of all the students and staffs of the school.
  6. To manage Admin , Staff, Student and also Parent modules.
  7. Manage the details of upcoming activities/events of the school and publish them on the school academic calendar.
  8. Generate certificates for student and staff effortlessly.

Staff Module

  1. This module helps to maintain staff leaves with accuracy.
  2. This module also manages teacher’s syllabus with date, subject, chapter, and status.
  3. Calculation of staff salary, pay slips, deductions, allowances, PF, leave reports, etc.
  4. This software helps in the development of staff and work for their work allocation.
  5. This module ensures accuracy in payroll calculation and reduces times in preparing worksheet.

Student Module

  1. Student name, Date of Birth, Gender, Religion Address, Home Telephone, Mobile phone numbers
  2. Parent/Guardian Details (name, NRIC, occupation, contact number, email, date of birth, living with child Yes/No)
  3. Course, faculty and marks details.
  4. Child’s primary school information
  5. Parents interests in volunteer work.
  6. Student Admissions, ID Card, Report Card Attendance, Assignments, Transfer Certificate and Notice Board
  7. Parent’s login.

Parent Module

  1. view marks card.
  2. view attendance
  3. receive sms/email updates
  4. view assignment
  5. view fee payment history.
  6. To report the teachers for student performance.
  7. Student performance.


User Profile

Add users and Can restrict the permissions at group level.


Able to Manage the Fees, Subjects and Transportation and Holidays information, as well as sections of the students and can also track the users logged.


Able to Manage the Expennses and income consolidated way to track the accounts.


Student attendance and Stuident can be searche based on several combinations and search criteria's.


You can be able to Manage Employees data including their attendance and Payroll.


This feature has a flexibility to pay fees yearly/quarterly or monthly, And one can be able to search the receipt and also able to print receipt and send mail to parent/guardian. You can be able to search the receipt based on several filters.


One can view Marks details of the students based on the class and exam type along with section and year.


Smart School Management Software or ERP is designed to improve the way a school is managed through comprehensive functionality. It is an interactive platform for all users such as Students, Teachers, Parents and Management. It’s a simple yet powerful integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution with administrative features like Student admission, Time tables, Examination details, Student information, Reports generation, Result generation, Fee counter, Library, Accounts,etc. The system predominantly helps educators to manage, analyse and report extensive data, whilst saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. The School Management System covers all aspects of educational business, including administrative, accounting and key academic activities.

which has developed School management software in Hyderabad. for all students to maintain the entire functional flow of students, teachers, and staff administration. Our custom application development with interaction face to face gives you what you want. We give online solutions so that the access becomes easy and can be used for multiple branches. This will help you reduce the cost, which otherwise you pay per installation for each system. If you are presently using a software, and if, for some reason or other you are not satisfied, may be prices are high, then compare them with what we offer, and check for yourself. You will find unbelievable difference. You will find our program suitable wherever students are there, be it a school, college, etc. as this is a School Management Software.

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